Mont Blanc

has been able to master new technologies allowing it to rapidly expand its market and to gave birth, in 1992, to the first Tunisian domestic refrigerator.With a skill that has never ceased to evolve, and according to market developments, Mont Blanc decided in 1996 to expand its range by other household products such as cookers, Washing devices  and in 2012 by recessed products, which allowed it to acquire new market share.

Today Mont Blanc has a national recognition (sales leader of domestic refrigerators in Tunisia with 40% of market share) and also international recognition  since the company is exporting to many countries, guaranteeing quality and service consistent with the most required standards.

o Employees: 250 workers.

o coaching rate: 15%.

o Production capacity: 150,000 pieces.




Date of creation: 1988
Address: Abderrahmen El Bahri Boulevard , Boumhell El Bassatine
2097 - Ben Arous - Tunisia.
o Tel: (+216) 70 020 720
o Fax: (+216) 71 216 675
o E-Mail:
o Website: